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Experienced Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

Injured Workers Call (888) 635-1170 To Speak to a Live Representative 24/7!

DOL Doctors Experienced in Federal Workers Compensation Claims

Sustaining an injury while working for the federal government can be a disheartening thing, but when you have experienced federal workers compensation doctors on your side, you’ll have professionals who understand your particular situation. Experienced DOL DOCTORS will work with you, adjusters, and others involved in the process to make sure you receive the care, treatment, and benefits that you deserve. The skilled medical professionals we work with will see your injury and will offer excellent treatment and therapy designed to restore your body to health. And our OWCP claims experts will work with you and adjusters to make sure you get all the benefits you deserve according to the Federal Employee Compensation Act. 

Did your supervisor inform you that you have the right to choose your own treating doctor? Did you know that you are not obligated to see the "company doctor" that your agency recommended? You can choose a doctor who puts you, the patient, first and works with you to get all the compensation benefits you need and deserve!


The Importance of Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

Because the federal workers compensation doctors with which we work have trained eyes for both the injury and the complex paperwork involved, you’ll have confidence knowing that the documentation of the injury will be complete and accurate. These DOL DOCTORS give you the best chance of getting your injury recognized by the Department of Labor.

The Difference DOL DOCTORS Make

When you take advantage of the expertise of experienced DOL doctors, you’ll get to enjoy many benefits beyond medical care assistance. Here are just a few differences these DOL DOCTORS can make when you enlist their services.

  • Put the federal worker patient first. Whether you work in the FBI, TSA, are a letter carrier, work as a mail clerk, or any other federal job, these DOL DOCTORS will be there to help and protect your rights if you get injured on the job. They understand that federal workers all have physically demanding tasks that are unique, and they tend to a broad range of those injuries.
  • DOL DOCTORS communicate on a superior level. Because federal workers compensation doctors have in-depth knowledge of DOL-OWCP claims and the detailed nature of them, communication will be better. They’ll be able to answer your specific questions about DOL-OWCP claims, as well as address any concerns you have.
  • Handle the DOL-OWPC claims promptly and efficiently. When it comes to the paperwork of DOL-OWPC claims, experienced DOL doctors will have the experience to complete the process in a prompt manner. They understand how important it is that you see the support you deserve when going through an injury.
  • Stay ahead of the process. Enlisting the services of federal workers compensation doctors will give you an advantage because they continually focus on situations like yours. They not only have continued education from research and reading, but they also have the real world experience necessary to give you superior support.

Let Us Help You if You’ve Been Injured on the Job

We take our work very seriously because we know how important it is to your quality of life and your recovery. Don’t hesitate to call (888) 635-1170 today so we can answer any questions you have. We'll take care in ensuring that your DOL claim is addressed timely and accurately. We'll also guide you through the process and keep lines of communication open at all times. We're here to make life a little easier during this tough time and get you back to feeling good.

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